How China’s First Mission to Mars Could Be a Gamechanger -
How China’s First Mission to Mars Could Be a Gamechanger
Jul 28, 20206 views
China hopes to be the third country to land on Mars with its latest mission, Tianwen-1. 
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China’s Tianwen-1 is a mission to the red planet that consists of an orbiter and a rover that will blast off on a Long March 5 rocket from China’s Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in summer 2020 with a planner arrival sometime in 2021. 
The space mission plans to travel to Mars and examine the surface of the planet. Among the instruments aboard the rocket is a radar on the rover that could detect pockets of water beneath the surface which may in turn contain life.
Find out all you need to know about China’s Mars Mission and what the findings could mean for the scientific community in this Countdown to Launch. 
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China’s first mission to Mars 
"The spacecraft will be launched at the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center on Hainan Island4 and ejected directly into the Earth–Mars transfer orbit using the Long March 5 launch vehicle. The Tianwen-1 probe, with a mass (including fuel) of about 5 tonnes, comprises an orbiter and a lander/rover composite."

Scientific Objectives and Payloads of Chinese
First Mars Exploration 
"The probe for the first Mars exploration mission is
comprised of an orbiter and a lander/rover. The orbiter
carries the landing/roving probe to complete the flight
process of the Earth-Mars transfer and the Mars capture
and orbit maneuver. "

China's Tianwen-1 Mars spacecraft: Everything we know about the daring mission 
""Tianwen-1 is going to orbit, land and release a rover all on the very first try, and coordinate observations with an orbiter," the mission's chief scientist wrote in a short article for the journal Nature Astronomy on July 13. "No planetary missions have ever been implemented in this way.""

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