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[CVPR-2019] Deqing Sun Google Deep Learning for Content Creation
Aug 14, 20204 views
This episode is a live recording of our interview with Deqing Sun at the CVPR 2019 conference. During the interview, he shared key applications of his tutorial, challenges he is currently facing and the two papers accepted by CVPR this year that he was involved in. View the full transcript and more inspiring videos at Robin.ly: http://bit.ly/2r0c4IY

Deqing Sun is a senior research scientist from Google. He presented the tutorial titled "Deep Learning for Content Creation" at the conference this year. It focuses on applying deep learning techniques for content creation such as video interpolation.

Deqing Sun just won the PAMI Longuet-Higgins Prize jointly with Michael J. Black and Stefan Roth with their CVPR 2010 paper “Secrets of optical flow estimation and their principles” for their significant contribution "withstood the test of time. Deqing Sun also shared the PAMI Young Researcher Award with Jon Barron for their distinguished research contribution to computer vision.
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