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[CVPR 2019] Yong Jae Lee @ UC Davis
Aug 14, 20205 views
This episode is a live recording of our interview with Yong Jae Lee at the CVPR 2019 conference. During the interview, he discussed his newly submitted paper "FineGAN: Unsupervised Hierarchical Disentanglement for Fine-Grained Object Generation and Discovery", which aims to create an unsupervised model of fine-grained details of objects. View the full transcript and more inspiring videos at Robin.ly: http://bit.ly/3330xqv

Lee is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis, focusing on computer vision and machine learning. Prior to working at UC Davis, he was a postdoctoral fellow at Carnegie Mellon University and then UC Berkeley. He received his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin in computer vision.
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