Improving Deep Learning For Airbnb Search -
Improving Deep Learning For Airbnb Search
Aug 13, 202056 views
Malay Haldar
The application of deep learning to search ranking was one of the,most impactful product improvements at Airbnb. But what comes,next after you launch a deep learning model? In this paper we,describe the journey beyond, discussing what we refer to as the,ABCs of improving search:,A,for architecture,,B,for bias and,C,for cold start. For architecture, we describe a new ranking neural,network, focusing on the process that evolved our existing DNN,beyond a fully connected two layer network. On handling positional,bias in ranking, we describe a novel approach that led to one of the,most significant improvements in tackling inventory that the DNN,historically found challenging. To solve cold start, we describe our,perspective on the problem and changes we made to improve the,treatment of new listings on the platform. We hope ranking teams,transitioning to deep learning will find this a practical case study,of how to iterate on DNNs.
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