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[KDD 2020] Salience and Market-aware Skill Extraction for Job Targeting
Aug 13, 2020121 views
Baoxu Shi
At LinkedIn, we want to create economic opportunity for everyone in the global workforce. To make this happen, LinkedIn offers,a reactive Job Search system, and a proactive Jobs You May Be,Interested In (JYMBII) system to match the best candidates with,their dream jobs. One of the most challenging tasks for developing,these systems is to properly extract important skill entities from,job postings and then target members with matched attributes. In,this work, we show that the commonly used text-based,salience and,market-agnostic,skill extraction approach is sub-optimal because it,only considers skill mention and ignores the salient level of a skill,and its market dynamics,,i.e.,, the market supply and demand influence on the importance of skills. To address the above drawbacks,,we present,Job2Skills,, our deployed,salience and market-aware,skill,extraction system. The proposed,Job2Skills,shows promising results in improving the online performance of job recommendation,(JYMBII) (,+,1,.,92%,job apply) and skill suggestions for job posters,(,−,37%,suggestion rejection rate). Lastly, we present case studies,to show interesting insights that contrast traditional skill recognition method and the proposed,Job2Skills,from occupation, industry,,country, and individual skill levels. Based on the above promising,results, we deployed the,Job2Skills,online to extract job targeting,skills for all,20,M job postings served at LinkedIn.
Applied Research