Recurrent Networks for Guided Multi-Attention Classification -
Recurrent Networks for Guided Multi-Attention Classification
Aug 13, 20204 views
Xin Dai
Attention-based image classification has gained increasing popularity in recent years. State-of-the-art methods for attention-based,classification typically require a large training set and operate under the assumption that the label of an image depends solely on,a single object (,i.e.,, region of interest) in the image. However, in,many real-world applications (,e.g.,, medical imaging), it is very expensive to collect a large training set. Moreover, the label of each,image is usually determined jointly by multiple regions of interest,(ROIs). Fortunately, for such applications, it is often possible to,collect the locations of the ROIs in each training image. In this,paper, we study the problem of,guided multi-attention classification,, the goal of which is to achieve high accuracy under the dual,constraints of (1) small sample size, and (2) multiple ROIs for each,image. We propose a model, called Guided Attention Recurrent,Network (GARN), for multi-attention classification. Different from,existing attention-based methods, GARN utilizes guidance information regarding multiple ROIs thus allowing it to work well even,when sample size is small. Empirical studies on three different visual tasks show that our guided attention approach can effectively,boost model performance for multi-attention image classification.