Can We Simulate Tearing Meat? 🥩 -
Can We Simulate Tearing Meat? 🥩
Aug 12, 202027 views
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Cracking and tearing objects in simulations is quite difficult, however using not one, but 2 different kinds of physics simulations at once. With this approach, its possible to simulate meat tearing, foam pulling apart, mozzarella cheese peeling, and more.

Here is the research paper:
AnisoMPM: Animating Anisotropic Damage Mechanics by Joshuah Wolper, Yunuo Chen, Minchen Li, Yu Fang, Ziyin Qu, Jiecong Lu, Meggie Cheng, Chenfanfu Jiang:

❗Erratum: At 4:17, I should have written "Anisotropic damage (new method)".
Research Paper