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5 Mistakes You Are Making In Negotiating Your Developer Salary (With Josh Doody)
Aug 31, 2020
5 Mistakes You Are Making In Negotiating Your Developer Salary (With Josh Doody) This might be your roadmap to maximizing your salary as a software developer. The million-dollar question is: How do you negotiate your salary without losing the job offer or seeming greedy? A lot of developers did it, but first she had to avoid the most common salary negotiation mistake... Most developers fall into different traps when it comes to negotiating a job salary. It might be due to hundreds of different reasons, but, what I often see, is: don't negotiating at all. Developers also make the mistake of saying out loud their salary expectations, saying what they did earn in their last job and more. If you're really feeling like this, then, Josh Doody is the perfect person to help you out on this one. On average, Software Developers improve their job offers by $46,150 when after Josh's negotiation techniques. In today's video, Josh and I will discuss more about some amazing techniques when it comes to negotiating your salary as a software developer. Salary Negotiation Course: https://simpleprogrammer.com/get/fearles-salary FREE Salary/Hourly Calculator Spreadsheet: https://simpleprogrammer.com/salary-spreadsheet 馃摉 THE COMPLETE SOFTWARE DEVELOPER'S CAREER GUIDE 馃摉 Get #1 bestselling book, The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide https://simpleprogrammer.com/careerguide 馃洃 SUBSCRIBE! 馃洃 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRxWW_Ncs308nW4An23Yeig?sub_confirmation=1 馃挷 CREATE A BLOG TO BOOST YOUR CAREER - FREE COURSE 馃挷 Take this free course and learn how to make more money, improve your career and even make some side income. https://simpleprogrammer.com/lp/create-your-blog-1/ 馃摎 ARE YOU MAKING ONE OF THESE LEARNING MISTAKES? 馃摎 Most software developers are learning the wrong way! https://simpleprogrammer.com/lp/5-learning-mistakes-1/ 馃挷 7 REASONS YOU ARE UNDERPAID AS A SW DEVELOPER 馃挷 Find out what they are... https://simpleprogrammer.com/lp/7-reasons-youre-underpaid-software-developer/ 馃ご EXCLUSIVE SIMPLE PROGRAMMER MEMBER COMMUNITY 馃ご Join a supportive, motivated community of developers that will keep you energized and making progress toward your goals https://simpleprogrammer.com/store/products/membership/ 馃摎 BOOKS AND RESOURCES I RECOMMEND 馃摎 https://simpleprogrammer.com/resources/ 馃挷 HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF AS A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER 馃挷 Learn to build a personal brand, get a higher salary, become a respected name in the industry. https://simpleprogrammer.com/store/products/how-to-market-yourself/ 馃彨 TEN STEPS TO LEARN ANYTHING QUICKLY 馃彨 Learn how to learn. https://simpleprogrammer.com/store/products/learn-anything-quickly/ 馃憰 TRUST THE PROCESS SIMPLE PROGRAMMER SHIRT 馃憰 https://simpleprogrammer.com/store/products/trust-the-process-t-shirt/ 馃攷 LINKS YOU MIGHT LIKE 馃攷 Simple Programmer Website: http://simpleprogrammer.com/ Soft Skills Book: http://simpleprogrammer.com/softskills 馃幀 SOCIAL MEDIA 馃幀 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SimpleProgrammer Twitter: https://twitter.com/simpleprogrammr IG: https://www.instagram.com/simpleprogrammer/
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