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Authors: Sijie Ji, Kai Wang, Xiaojiang Peng, Jianfei Yang, Zhaoyang Zeng, Yu Qiao Description: This paper presents SIAT-NTU solution and results of facial action unit (AU) detection in the EmotiNet Challenge 2020. The task aims to detect 23 AUs from facial images in the wild, and its main difficulties lie in the imbalanced AU distribution and discriminative feature learning. We tackle these difficulties from the following aspects. First, to address the unconstrained heterogeneity of in-the-wild images, we detect and align faces with multi-task convolutional neural networks (MTCNN). Second, by using multiple transfer strategies, we pre-train large CNNs on multiple related datasets, e.g. face recognition datasets and facial expression datasets, and fine-tune them on the EmotiNetdataset. Third, we employ a multi-label balanced sampling strategy and a weighted loss to mitigate the imbalance problem. Last but not the least, to further improve performance, we ensemble multiple models and optimize the thresholds for each AU. Our proposed solution achieves an accuracy of 90.13% and F1 of 44.10% in the final test phase. Our Code is available at:
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