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A Unified Object Motion and Affinity Model for Online Multi-Object Tracking

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Junbo Yin, Wenguan Wang, Qinghao Meng, Ruigang Yang, Jianbing Shen Description: Current popular online multi-object tracking (MOT) solutions apply single object trackers (SOTs) to capture object motions, while often requiring an extra affinity network to associate objects, especially for the occluded ones. This brings extra computational overhead due to repetitive feature extraction for SOT and affinity computation. Meanwhile, the model size of the sophisticated affinity network is usually non-trivial. In this paper, we propose a novel MOT framework that unifies object motion and affinity model into a single network, named UMA, in order to learn a compact feature that is discriminative for both object motion and affinity measure. In particular, UMA integrates single object tracking and metric learning into a unified triplet network by means of multi-task learning. Such design brings advantages of improved computation efficiency, low memory requirement and simplified training procedure. In addition, we equip our model with a task-specific attention module, which is used to boost task-aware feature learning. The proposed UMA can be easily trained end-to-end, and is elegant – requiring only one training stage. Experimental results show that it achieves promising performance on several MOT Challenge benchmarks.

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