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A2dele: Adaptive and Attentive Depth Distiller for Efficient RGB-D Salient Object Detection

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Yongri Piao, Zhengkun Rong, Miao Zhang, Weisong Ren, Huchuan Lu Description: Existing state-of-the-art RGB-D salient object detection methods explore RGB-D data relying on a two-stream architecture, in which an independent subnetwork is required to process depth data. This inevitably incurs extra computational costs and memory consumption, and using depth data during testing may hinder the practical applications of RGB-D saliency detection. To tackle these two dilemmas, we propose a depth distiller (A2dele) to explore the way of using network prediction and attention as two bridges to transfer the depth knowledge from the depth stream to the RGB stream. First, by adaptively minimizing the differences between predictions generated from the depth stream and RGB stream, we realize the desired control of pixel-wise depth knowledge transferred to the RGB stream. Second, to transfer the localization knowledge to RGB features, we encourage consistencies between the dilated prediction of the depth stream and the attention map from the RGB stream. As a result, we achieve a lightweight architecture without use of depth data at test time by embedding our A2dele. Our extensive experimental evaluation on five benchmarks demonstrate that our RGB stream achieves state-of-the-art performance, which tremendously minimizes the model size by 76% and runs 12 times faster, compared with the best performing method. Furthermore, our A2dele can be applied to existing RGB-D networks to significantly improve their efficiency while maintaining performance (boosts FPS by nearly twice for DMRA and 3 times for CPFP).

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