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Assessing Eye Aesthetics for Automatic Multi-Reference Eye In-Painting

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Bo Yan, Qing Lin, Weimin Tan, Shili Zhou Description: With the wide use of artistic images, aesthetic quality assessment has been widely concerned. How to integrate aesthetics into image editing is still a problem worthy of discussion. In this paper, aesthetic assessment is introduced into eye in-painting task for the first time. We construct an eye aesthetic dataset, and train the eye aesthetic assessment network on this basis. Then we propose a novel eye aesthetic and face semantic guided multi-reference eye inpainting GAN approach (AesGAN), which automatically selects the best reference under the guidance of eye aesthetics. A new aesthetic loss has also been introduced into the network to learn the eye aesthetic features and generate highquality eyes. We prove the effectiveness of eye aesthetic assessment in our experiments, which may inspire more applications of aesthetics assessment. Both qualitative and quantitative experimental results show that the proposed AesGAN can produce more natural and visually attractive eyes compared with state-of-the-art methods.

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