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Bi-Directional Relationship Inferring Network for Referring Image Segmentation

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Zhiwei Hu, Guang Feng, Jiayu Sun, Lihe Zhang, Huchuan Lu Description: Most existing methods do not explicitly formulate the mutual guidance between vision and language. In this work, we propose a bi-directional relationship inferring network (BRINet) to model the dependencies of cross-modal information. In detail, the vision-guided linguistic attention is used to learn the adaptive linguistic context corresponding to each visual region. Combining with the language-guided visual attention, a bi-directional cross-modal attention module (BCAM) is built to learn the relationship between multi-modal features. Thus, the ultimate semantic context of the target object and referring expression can be represented accurately and consistently. Moreover, a gated bi-directional fusion module (GBFM) is designed to integrate the multi-level features where a gate function is used to guide the bi-directional flow of multi-level information. Extensive experiments on four benchmark datasets demonstrate that the proposed method outperforms other state-of-the-art methods under different evaluation metrics.

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