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Bundle Pooling for Polygonal Architecture Segmentation Problem

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Huayi Zeng, Kevin Joseph, Adam Vest, Yasutaka Furukawa Description: This paper introduces a polygonal architecture segmentation problem, proposes bundle-pooling modules for line structure reasoning, and demonstrates a virtual remodeling application that produces production quality results. Given a photograph of a house with a few vanishing point candidates, we decompose the house into a set of architectural components, each of which is represented as a simple geometric primitive. A bundle-pooling module pools convolutional features along a bundle of line segments (e.g., a family of vanishing lines) and fuses the bundle of features to determine polygonal boundaries or assign a corresponding vanishing point. Qualitative and quantitative evaluations demonstrate significant improvements over the existing techniques based on our metric and benchmark dataset. We will share the code and data for further research.

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