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From Fidelity to Perceptual Quality: A Semi-Supervised Approach for Low-Light Image Enhancement

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Wenhan Yang, Shiqi Wang, Yuming Fang, Yue Wang, Jiaying Liu Description: Under-exposure introduces a series of visual degradation, i.e. decreased visibility, intensive noise, and biased color, etc. To address these problems, we propose a novel semi-supervised learning approach for low-light image enhancement. A deep recursive band network (DRBN) is proposed to recover a linear band representation of an enhanced normal-light image with paired low/normal-light images, and then obtain an improved one by recomposing the given bands via another learnable linear transformation based on a perceptual quality-driven adversarial learning with unpaired data. The architecture is powerful and flexible to have the merit of training with both paired and unpaired data. On one hand, the proposed network is well designed to extract a series of coarse-to-fine band representations, whose estimations are mutually beneficial in a recursive process. On the other hand, the extracted band representation of the enhanced image in the first stage of DRBN (recursive band learning) bridges the gap between the restoration knowledge of paired data and the perceptual quality preference to real high-quality images. Its second stage (band recomposition) learns to recompose the band representation towards fitting perceptual properties of high-quality images via adversarial learning. With the help of this two-stage design, our approach generates enhanced results with well-reconstructed details and visually promising contrast and color distributions. Qualitative and quantitative evaluations demonstrate the superiority of our DRBN.

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