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From two rolling shutter to one global shutter (CVPR 2020 Oral)

Jul 01, 2020
Most consumer cameras are equipped with electronic rolling shutter, leading to image distortions when the camera moves during image capture. We explore a surprisingly simple camera configuration that makes it possible to undo the rolling shutter distortion: two cameras mounted to have different rolling shutter directions. Such a setup is easy and cheap to build and it possesses the geometric constraints needed to correct rolling shutter distortion using only a sparse set of point correspondences between the two images. We derive equations that describe the underlying geometry for general and special motions and present an efficient method for finding their solutions. Our synthetic and real experiments demonstrate that our approach is able to remove large rolling shutter distortions of all types without relying on any specific scene structure. This is a video made for oral presentation at CVPR 2020. Patent pending.

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