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How Much Time Do You Have? Modeling Multi-Duration Saliency

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Camilo Fosco, Anelise Newman, Pat Sukhum, Yun Bin Zhang, Nanxuan Zhao, Aude Oliva, Zoya Bylinskii Description: What jumps out in a single glance of an image is different than what you might notice after closer inspection. Yet conventional models of visual saliency produce predictions at an arbitrary, fixed viewing duration, offering a limited view of the rich interactions between image content and gaze location. In this paper we propose to capture gaze as a series of snapshots, by generating population-level saliency heatmaps for multiple viewing durations. We collect the CodeCharts1K dataset, which contains multiple distinct heatmaps per image corresponding to 0.5, 3, and 5 seconds of free-viewing. We develop an LSTM-based model of saliency that simultaneously trains on data from multiple viewing durations. Our Multi-Duration Saliency Excited Model (MD-SEM) achieves competitive performance on the LSUN 2017 Challenge with 57% fewer parameters than comparable architectures. It is the first model that produces heatmaps at multiple viewing durations, enabling applications where multi-duration saliency can be used to prioritize visual content to keep, transmit, and render.

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