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Learning Deep Network for Detecting 3D Object Keypoints and 6D Poses

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Wanqing Zhao, Shaobo Zhang, Ziyu Guan, Wei Zhao, Jinye Peng, Jianping Fan Description: The state-of-art 6D object pose detection methods use convolutional neural networks to estimate objects' 6D poses from RGB images. However, they require huge numbers of images with explicit 3D annotations such as 6D poses, 3D bounding boxes and 3D keypoints, either obtained by manual labeling or inferred from synthetic images generated by 3D CAD models. Manual labeling for a large number of images is a laborious task, and we usually do not have the corresponding 3D CAD models of objects in real environment. In this paper, we develop a keypoint-based 6D object pose detection method (and its deep network) called Object Keypoint based POSe Estimation (OK-POSE). OK-POSE employs relative transformation between viewpoints for training. Specifically, we use pairs of images with object annotation and relative transformation information between their viewpoints to automatically discover objects' 3D keypoints which are geometrically and visually consistent. Then, the 6D object pose can be estimated using a keypoint-based geometric reasoning method with a reference viewpoint. The relative transformation information can be easily obtained from any cheap binocular cameras or most smartphone devices, thus greatly lowering the labeling cost. Experiments have demonstrated that OK-POSE achieves acceptable performance compared to methods relying on the object's 3D CAD model or a great deal of 3D labeling. These results show that our method can be used as a suitable alternative when there are no 3D CAD models or a large number of 3D annotations.

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