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Learning Spatial Relationships Between Samples of Patent Image Shapes

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Juan Castorena, Manish Bhattarai, Diane Oyen Description: Binary image based classification and retrieval of documents of an intellectual nature is a very challenging problem. Variations in the binary image generation mechanisms which are subject to the document artisan designer including drawing style, view-point, inclusion of multiple image components are plausible causes for increasing the complexity of the problem. In this work, we propose a method suitable to binary images which bridges some of the successes of deep learning (DL) to alleviate the problems introduced by the aforementioned variations. The method consists on extracting the shape of interest from the binary image and applying a non-Euclidean geometric neural-net architecture to learn the local and global spatial relationships of the shape. Empirical results show that our method is in some sense invariant to the image generation mechanism variations and achieves results outperforming existing methods in a patent image dataset benchmark.

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