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PaStaNet: Toward Human Activity Knowledge Engine

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Yong-Lu Li, Liang Xu, Xinpeng Liu, Xijie Huang, Yue Xu, Shiyi Wang, Hao-Shu Fang, Ze Ma, Mingyang Chen, Cewu Lu Description: Existing image-based activity understanding methods mainly adopt direct mapping, i.e. from image to activity concepts, which may encounter performance bottleneck since the huge gap. In light of this, we propose a new path: infer human part states first and then reason out the activities based on part-level semantics. Human Body Part States (PaSta) are fine-grained action semantic tokens, e.g. hand, hold, something, which can compose the activities and help us step toward human activity knowledge engine. To fully utilize the power of PaSta, we build a large-scale knowledge base PaStaNet, which contains 7M+ PaSta annotations. And two corresponding models are proposed: first, we design a model named Activity2Vec to extract PaSta features, which aim to be general representations for various activities. Second, we use a PaSta-based Reasoning method to infer activities. Promoted by PaStaNet, our method achieves significant improvements, e.g. 6.4 and 13.9 mAP on full and one-shot sets of HICO in supervised learning, and 3.2 and 4.2 mAP on V-COCO and images-based AVA in transfer learning. Code and data are available at

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