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Revisiting Pose-Normalization for Fine-Grained Few-Shot Recognition

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Luming Tang, Davis Wertheimer, Bharath Hariharan Description: Few-shot, fine-grained classification requires a model to learn subtle, fine-grained distinctions between different classes (e.g., birds) based on a few images alone. This requires a remarkable degree of invariance to pose, articulation and background. A solution is to use pose-normalized representations: first localize semantic parts in each image, and then describe images by characterizing the appearance of each part. While such representations are out of favor for fully supervised classification, we show that they are extremely effective for few-shot fine-grained classification. With a minimal increase in model capacity, pose normalization improves accuracy between 10 and 20 percentage points for shallow and deep architectures, generalizes better to new domains, and is effective for multiple few-shot algorithms and network backbones. Code is available at

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