A Novel Pose Proposal Network and Refinement Pipeline for Better Object Pose Estimation

WACV 2021

Abstract: In this paper, we present a novel deep learning pipeline for 6D object pose estimation and refinement from RGB inputs. The first component of the pipeline leverages a region proposal framework to estimate multi-class single-shot 6D object poses directly from an RGB image and through a CNN-based encoder multi-decoders network. The second component, a multi-attentional pose refinement network (MARN), iteratively refines the estimated pose. MARN takes advantage of both visual and flow features to learn a relative transformation between an initially predicted pose and a target pose. MARN is further augmented by a spatial multi-attention block that emphasizes objects' discriminative feature parts. Experiments on three benchmarks for 6D pose estimation show that the proposed pipeline outperforms state-of-the-art RGB-based methods with competitive runtime performance. Authors: Ameni Trabelsi, Mohamed Chaabane, Nathaniel Blanchard, Ross Beveridge (Colorado State University)