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ADIBOT: The UV-C Disinfection Robotic System by UBTECH

Jan 14, 2021
UBTECH Robotics is proud to introduce the newest addition to its suite of intelligent robots, the UV-C disinfection robot: ADIBOT. This new solution continues UBTECH’s mission of introducing intelligent robots to make daily life smarter and now, safer. During the current global pandemic, UBTECH has created an opportunity to utilize its technology and vertically integrated supply chain to bring a better, more cost-effective disinfection solution to the forefront in the fight against COVID-19 and other pathogens. The ADIBOT system provides a safe way to help businesses, organizations, and schools re-open safely by inactivating harmful pathogens in areas where people need and want to be without the use of harmful chemicals or costly downtimes. The ADIBOT system consists of two UV-C models: the stationary ADIBOT-S model and the autonomous ADIBOT-A model. ADIBOT-S is a stationary robot that is manually placed in the desired disinfection space for use. ADIBOT-A is an autonomous solution that can be programmed and mapped to independently navigate one or multiple floor plans. Both ADIBOT systems provide 360-degree radiant light coverage, powerful UV-C disinfection, and intelligent safety features including the use of “risk mitigation” cameras, PIR sensors, sensor enabled safety signage and an emergency remote control. ADIBOT UV-C robots are able to provide a safe, disinfected environment for students, customers and employees. UBTECH is proud to be able to provide a more intelligent robotic solution during these unprecedented times. About UBTECH Robotics: UBTECH is a leading global robotics and AI tech company with the engineering, design, and go-to-market capability that brings cutting-edge robotics to society and supports every phase of life.