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AI and Science Against The Pandemic | On the Merits

Mar 03, 2021
In a time of uncertainty, professionals spanning many fields—physicians, data scientists, researchers, scientists—united under a common cause. Their goal? Finding answers on COVID-19. With new research surfacing daily on COVID-19, time was critical. The virus was spreading, and every individual had their role to play. On the Merits presents Pandemic by Relativity, a short film debuting March 3, 2021. COVID-19 3D Animation provided by the CDC. Cast Rebecca BurWei, PhD Sebastian Kohlmeier Trish Gleason José Morey, MD Lucy Lu Wang, PhD Tayab Waseem, PhD Jose Meseguer Ripolles, PhD Gabriel Preda Crew Kristy Esparza Yuri Kim Winona Lozada Nicholas Matejcak Josh McCausland Mary Rechtoris Kael Rose Daniel Pate Russell Ansley Sawyer Fernando Sierra Jr. JC Steinbrunner Music By Carl Sondrol Produced by Relativity

00:00 - Introduction 00:56 - The White House Call to Action 03:31 - Artificial Intelligence 04:31 - CORD-19 06:36 - Data Science 07:44 - The Kaggle Community 12:05 - Bias Data & Data Deduplication 14:14 - Global Scale & Reasons for Getting Involved 16:48 - Future of Medicine & AI