Apple or iPod??? Easy Fix for Adversarial Textual Attacks on OpenAI's CLIP Model! #Shorts
#Shorts #shorts #openai In the paper Multimodal Neurons in Artificial Neural Networks OpenAI suggests that CLIP can be attacked adversarially by putting textual labels onto pictures. They demonstrated this with an apple labeled as an iPod. I reproduce that experiment and suggest a simple, but effective fix. Yes, this is a joke ;) Original Video: OpenAI does a huge investigation into the inner workings of their recent CLIP model via faceted feature visualization and finds amazing things: Some neurons in the last layer respond to distinct concepts across multiple modalities, meaning they fire for photographs, drawings, and signs depicting the same concept, even when the images are vastly distinct. Through manual examination, they identify and investigate neurons corresponding to persons, geographical regions, religions, emotions, and much more. In this video, I go through the publication and then I present my own findings from digging around in the OpenAI Microscope. Paper: My Findings: My Video on CLIP: My Video on Feature Visualizations & The OpenAI Microscope: Links: TabNine Code Completion (Referral): YouTube: Twitter: Discord: BitChute: Minds: Parler: LinkedIn: BiliBili: If you want to support me, the best thing to do is to share out the content :) If you want to support me financially (completely optional and voluntary, but a lot of people have asked for this): SubscribeStar: Patreon: Bitcoin (BTC): bc1q49lsw3q325tr58ygf8sudx2dqfguclvngvy2cq Ethereum (ETH): 0x7ad3513E3B8f66799f507Aa7874b1B0eBC7F85e2 Litecoin (LTC): LQW2TRyKYetVC8WjFkhpPhtpbDM4Vw7r9m Monero (XMR): 4ACL8AGrEo5hAir8A9CeVrW8pEauWvnp1WnSDZxW7tziCDLhZAGsgzhRQABDnFy8yuM9fWJDviJPHKRjV4FWt19CJZN9D4n