Attention Scaling for Crowd Counting

CVPR 2020

Authors: Xiaoheng Jiang, Li Zhang, Mingliang Xu, Tianzhu Zhang, Pei Lv, Bing Zhou, Xin Yang, Yanwei Pang Description: Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) based methods generally take crowd counting as a regression task by outputting crowd densities. They learn the mapping between image contents and crowd density distributions. Though having achieved promising results, these data-driven counting networks are prone to overestimate or underestimate people counts of regions with different density patterns, which degrades the whole count accuracy. To overcome this problem, we propose an approach to alleviate the counting performance differences in different regions. Specifically, our approach consists of two networks named Density Attention Network (DANet) and Attention Scaling Network (ASNet). DANet provides ASNet with attention masks related to regions of different density levels. ASNet first generates density maps and scaling factors and then multiplies them by attention masks to output separate attention-based density maps. These density maps are summed to give the final density map. The attention scaling factors help attenuate the estimation errors in different regions. Furthermore, we present a novel Adaptive Pyramid Loss (APLoss) to hierarchically calculate the estimation losses of sub-regions, which alleviates the training bias. Extensive experiments on four challenging datasets (ShanghaiTech Part A, UCF_CC_50, UCF-QNRF, and WorldExpo'10) demonstrate the superiority of the proposed approach.