BANet: Bidirectional Aggregation Network With Occlusion Handling for Panoptic Segmentation

CVPR 2020

Authors: Yifeng Chen, Guangchen Lin, Songyuan Li, Omar Bourahla, Yiming Wu, Fangfang Wang, Junyi Feng, Mingliang Xu, Xi Li Description: Panoptic segmentation aims to perform instance segmentation for foreground instances and semantic segmentation for background stuff simultaneously. The typical top-down pipeline concentrates on two key issues: 1) how to effectively model the intrinsic interaction between semantic segmentation and instance segmentation, and 2) how to properly handle occlusion for panoptic segmentation. Intuitively, the complementarity between semantic segmentation and instance segmentation can be leveraged to improve the performance. Besides, we notice that using detection/mask scores is insufficient for resolving the occlusion problem. Motivated by these observations, we propose a novel deep panoptic segmentation scheme based on a bidirectional learning pipeline. Moreover, we introduce a plug-and-play occlusion handling algorithm to deal with the occlusion between different object instances. The experimental results on COCO panoptic benchmark validate the effectiveness of our proposed method. Codes will be released soon at