Breaking the Cycle – Colleagues Are All You Need

CVPR 2020

Authors: Ori Nizan, Ayellet Tal Description: This paper proposes a novel approach to performing image-to-image translation between unpaired domains. Rather than relying on a cycle constraint, our method takes advantage of collaboration between various GANs. This results in a multi modal method, in which multiple optional and diverse images are produced for a given image. Our model addresses some of the shortcomings of classical GANs: (1) It is able to remove large objects, such as glasses. (2) Since it does not need to support the cycle constraint, no irrelevant traces of the input are left on the generated image. (3) It manages to translate between domains that require large shape modifications. Our results are shown to outperform those generated by state-of-the-art methods for several challenging applications on commonly-used datasets, both qualitatively and quantitatively.