Chowbotics: Salad-making Robot Startup | Acquired by Doordash logo

Chowbotics: Salad-making Robot Startup | Acquired by Doordash

Feb 09, 2021
Chowbotics is a robotics startup committed to making fresh food more accessible and convenient. It was acquired by Doordash on Feb 9, 2021. The partnership is detailed in their press release: "As a part of DoorDash, this mission is now turbocharged. The expertise and scale of DoorDash unlocks our most ambitious aspirations to enable food convenience through technology. As the leader in food delivery and on-demand logistics, DoorDash is uniquely positioned to further accelerate Chowbotics’ market presence and new product development. At the same time, Chowbotics’ technology will enable DoorDash merchants to expand their menu offerings to reach new customers or markets without the need to invest in new stores. Without doubt, we found the most ideal home to help our partners grow and navigate the ever-changing foodservice landscape."