Correlation-Guided Attention for Corner Detection Based Visual Tracking

CVPR 2020

Authors: Fei Du, Peng Liu, Wei Zhao, Xianglong Tang Description: Accurate bounding box estimation has recently attracted much attention in the tracking community because traditional multi-scale search strategies cannot estimate tight bounding boxes in many challenging scenarios involving changes to the target. A tracker capable of detecting target corners can flexibly adapt to such changes, but existing corner detection based tracking methods have not achieved adequate success. We analyze the reasons for their failure and propose a state-of-the-art tracker that performs correlation-guided attentional corner detection in two stages. First, a region of interest (RoI) is obtained by employing an efficient Siamese network to distinguish the target from the background. Second, a pixel-wise correlation-guided spatial attention module and a channel-wise correlation-guided channel attention module exploit the relationship between the target template and the RoI to highlight corner regions and enhance features of the RoI for corner detection. The correlation-guided attention modules improve the accuracy of corner detection, thus enabling accurate bounding box estimation. When trained on large-scale datasets using a novel RoI augmentation strategy, the performance of the proposed tracker, running at a high speed of 70 FPS, is comparable with that of state-of-the-art trackers in meeting five challenging performance benchmarks.