[CVPR'20 Workshop on Scalability in Autonomous Driving] Waymo Open Dataset Challenge

CVPR 2020

Talks given on 2020-06-15. 0:00:00 - Introduction by Xerxes Dotiwalla, Waymo 0:08:58 - Winner 1 by Yu Wang, Horizon Robotics 0:39:54 - Winner 2 by Shaoshuai Shi, CUHK 0:49:38 - Winner 3 by Zehao Huang, TuSimple 0:57:53 - Winner 4 by Linlu Qiu, UC Berkeley 1:07:42 - Winner 5 by Feng Wang, TuSimple We're now accepting submissions for Waymo’s first-ever autonomous driving challenges! There’s a wealth of autonomous driving data and prizes to incentivize your research efforts. Sub-challenges include 2D/3D detection/tracking and a domain adaptation task. Please visit https://waymo.com/open/challenges.