[CVPR2019] Ji Liu Director Kuaishou Seattle AI Lab and FeDA Lab

CVPR 2019

This episode is a live recording of our interview with Ji Liu at the conference. He shared his experiences as an assistant professor and Director at Kuaishou and discussed his thoughts on the industries he is interested in. Liu explains the applications of his asynchronous decentralized parallel stochastic gradient descent algorithm and the importance of the user experience. View the full interview and more inspiring videos at Robin.ly: http://bit.ly/2lOgFLL Ji Liu is an assistant professor at the University of Rochester and the Director at Kuaishou Seattle AI Lab. Prior to Kuaishou, he was the Principal Scientist at Tencent. His research interests include Machine Learning, Optimization, Reinforcement Learning with emphasis on big data involved scenarios. Professor Liu is also interested in applying technology to solve real world problems in the area of image analysis, game AI design, vision understanding, etc. The asynchronous parallel algorithm he proposed has been widely used in many machine learning platforms, such as Google’s TensorFlow. In 2018, he was also named “Innovator Under 35 in China” by MIT.