Density-Aware Feature Embedding for Face Clustering

CVPR 2020

Authors: Senhui Guo, Jing Xu, Dapeng Chen, Chao Zhang, Xiaogang Wang, Rui Zhao Description: Clustering has many applications in research and industry. However, traditional clustering methods, such as K-means, DBSCAN and HAC, impose oversimplifying assumptions and thus are not well-suited to face clustering. To adapt to the distribution of realistic problems, a natural approach is to use Graph Convolutional Networks (GCNs) to enhance features for clustering. However, GCNs can only utilize local information, which ignores the overall characterisitcs of the clusters. In this paper, we propose a Density-Aware Feature Embedding Network (DA-Net) for the task of face clustering, which utilizes both local and non-local information, to learn a robust feature embedding. Specifically, DA-Net uses GCNs to aggregate features locally, and then incorporates non-local information using a density chain, which is a chain of faces from low density to high density. This density chain exploits the non-uniform distribution of face images in the dataset. Then, an LSTM takes the density chain as input to generate the final feature embedding. Once this embedding is generated, traditional clustering methods, such as density-based clustering, can be used to obtain the final clustering results. Extensive experiments verify the effectiveness of the proposed feature embedding method, which can achieve state-of-the-art performance on public benchmarks.