Determinant Regularization for Gradient-Efficient Graph Matching

CVPR 2020

Authors: Tianshu Yu, Junchi Yan, Baoxin Li Description: Graph matching refers to finding vertex correspondence for a pair of graphs, which plays a fundamental role in many vision and learning related tasks. Directly applying gradient-based continuous optimization on graph matching can be attractive for its simplicity but calls for effective ways of converting the continuous solution to the discrete one under the matching constraint. In this paper, we show a novel regularization technique with the tool of determinant analysis on the matching matrix which is relaxed into continuous domain with gradient based optimization. Meanwhile we present a theoretical study on the property of our relaxation technique. Our paper strikes an attempt to understand the geometric properties of different regularization techniques and the gradient behavior during the optimization. We show that the proposed regularization is more gradient-efficient than traditional ones during early update stages. The analysis will also bring about insights for other problems under bijection constraints. The algorithm procedure is simple and empirical results on public benchmark show its effectiveness on both synthetic and real-world data.