Difference between SqueezeNAS, SqueezeNet & SqueezeDet - Forrest Iandola, former CEO @ DeepScale
Forrest Iandola, former CEO and Co-founder of Silicon Valley startup DeepScale, discussed the difference between three deep learning models SqueezeNAS, SqueezeNet & SqueezeDet. View complete interview and transcripts at Robin.ly: http://bit.ly/2peoL1K Forrest completed a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley, where his research focused on deep neural networks. His best-known work includes deep learning infrastructure such as FireCaffe and deep models such as SqueezeNet and SqueezeDet. His advances in deep learning led to the founding of DeepScale in 2015. Forrest Iandola joined Tesla as a senior staff machine learning scientist on September 30, 2019. This interview was conducted before the reported acquisition by Tesla.