EvoMan: Game-playing Competition
Abstract: This paper describes a competition proposal for evolving Intelligent Agents for the game-playing framework called EvoMan. The framework is based on the boss fights of the game called Mega Man II developed by Capcom. For this particular competition, the main goal is to beat all of the eight bosses using a generalist strategy. In other words, the competitors should train the agent to beat a set of the bosses and then the agent will be evaluated by its performance against all eight bosses. At the end of this paper, the competitors are provided with baseline results so that they can have an intuition on how good their results are. Authors: Fabricio Olivetti de Franca, Denis Fantinato, Karine Miras, A.E. Eiben, Patricia A. Vargas (Federal University of ABC, Vrije Universiteit, Heriot-Watt University)