FPConv: Learning Local Flattening for Point Convolution

CVPR 2020

Authors: Yiqun Lin, Zizheng Yan, Haibin Huang, Dong Du, Ligang Liu, Shuguang Cui, Xiaoguang Han Description: We introduce FPConv, a novel surface-style convolution operator designed for 3D point cloud analysis. Unlike previous methods, FPConv doesn't require transforming to intermediate representation like 3D grid or graph and directly works on surface geometry of point cloud. To be more specific, for each point, FPConv performs a local flattening by automatically learning a weight map to softly project surrounding points onto a 2D grid. Regular 2D convolution can thus be applied for efficient feature learning. FPConv can be easily integrated into various network architectures for tasks like 3D object classification and 3D scene segmentation, and achieve comparable performance with existing volumetric-type convolutions. More importantly, our experiments also show that FPConv can be a complementary of volumetric convolutions and jointly training them can further boost overall performance into state-of-the-art results.