Ghana NLP: Putting Ghanaian Languages on the Global Machine Learning Map
AIA hosts the Ghana Natural Language Processing group to present on the topics below: What is Natural Language Processing? What is its importance to Africa, and African Languages? What are some of the opportunities and challenges ahead? What kind of new applications will it enable? What are some of the techniques used? What are some achievements made? 1. Lawrence Adu-Gyamfi ( History, present and future outlook of Ghana NLP) 2. Salomey Afua Addo (Retrieval System) 3. Emmanuel Kweku Debrah (Neural Machine Translator)

00:00 Introduction to Ghana NLP 13:04 Importance of Natural Language Processing 19:28 Retrieval System 23:21 Neural Machine Translation 31:29 Computational Mapping of Ghanaian Languages 43:48 Conclusion 45:43 Q&A