Global-Local GCN: Large-Scale Label Noise Cleansing for Face Recognition

CVPR 2020

Authors: Yaobin Zhang, Weihong Deng, Mei Wang, Jiani Hu, Xian Li, Dongyue Zhao, Dongchao Wen Description: In the field of face recognition, large-scale web-collected datasets are essential for learning discriminative representations, but they suffer from noisy identity labels, such as outliers and label flips. It is beneficial to automatically cleanse their label noise for improving recognition accuracy. Unfortunately, existing cleansing methods cannot accurately identify noise in the wild. To solve this problem, we propose an effective automatic label noise cleansing framework for face recognition datasets, FaceGraph. Using two cascaded graph convolutional networks, FaceGraph performs global-to-local discrimination to select useful data in a noisy environment. Extensive experiments show that cleansing widely used datasets, such as CASIA-WebFace, VGGFace2, MegaFace2, and MS-Celeb-1M, using the proposed method can improve the recognition performance of state-of-the-art representation learning methods like Arcface. Further, we cleanse massive self-collected celebrity data, namely MillionCelebs, to provide 18.8M images of 636K identities. Training with the new data, Arcface surpasses state-of-the-art performance by a notable margin to reach 95.62% TPR at 1e-5 FPR on the IJB-C benchmark.