Group Activity Detection From Trajectory and Video Data in Soccer logo

Group Activity Detection From Trajectory and Video Data in Soccer

Sep 29, 2020
Authors: Ryan Sanford, Siavash Gorji, Luiz G. Hafemann, Bahareh Pourbabaee, Mehrsan Javan Description: Group activity detection in soccer can be done by using either video data or player and ball trajectory data. In current soccer activity datasets, activities are labelled as atomic events without a duration. Given that the state-of-the-art activity detection methods are not well-defined for atomic actions, these methods cannot be used. In this work, we evaluated the effectiveness of activity recognition models for detecting such events, by using an intuitive non-maximum suppression process and evaluation metrics. We also considered the problem of explicitly modeling interactions between players and ball. For this, we propose self-attention models to learn and extract relevant information from a group of soccer players for activity detection from both trajectory and video data. We conducted an extensive study on the use of visual features and trajectory data for group activity detection in sports using a large scale soccer dataset provided by Sportlogiq. Our results show that most events can be detected using either vision or trajectory-based approaches with a temporal resolution of less than sh.5$ seconds, and that each approach has unique challenges