ICCV19: Oral Session 1.2B - Multi-View Geometry, 3D Scene Understanding

ICCV 2019

Link to indexed video of session: https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U 1. Privacy Preserving Image Queries for Camera Localization Pablo Speciale, Johannes L. Schönberger, Sudipta N. Sinha, Marc Pollefeys https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=2 2. Calibration Wizard: A Guidance System for Camera Calibration Based on Modelling Geometric and Corner Uncertainty Songyou Peng, Peter Sturm https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=17 3. Gated2Depth: Real-Time Dense Lidar From Gated Images Tobias Gruber, Frank Julca-Aguilar, Mario Bijelic, Felix Heide https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=28 4. X-Section: Cross-Section Prediction for Enhanced RGB-D Fusion Andrea Nicastro, Ronald Clark, Stefan Leutenegger https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=41 5. Learning an Event Sequence Embedding for Dense Event-Based Deep Stereo Stepan Tulyakov, Francois Fleuret, Martin Kiefel, Peter Gehler, Michael Hirsch https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=51 6. Point-Based Multi-View Stereo Network Rui Chen, Songfang Han, Jing Xu, Hao Su https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=59 7. Discrete Laplace Operator Estimation for Dynamic 3D Reconstruction Xiangyu Xu, Enrique Dunn https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=71 8. Deep Non-Rigid Structure From Motion Chen Kong, Simon Lucey https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=79 9. Equivariant Multi-View Networks Carlos Esteves, Yinshuang Xu, Christine Allen-Blanchette, Kostas Daniilidis https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=85 10. Interpolated Convolutional Networks for 3D Point Cloud Understanding Jiageng Mao, Xiaogang Wang, Hongsheng Li https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=99 11. Revisiting Point Cloud Classification: A New Benchmark Dataset and Classification Model on Real-World Data Mikaela Angelina Uy, Quang-Hieu Pham, Binh-Son Hua, Thanh Nguyen, Sai-Kit Yeung https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=108 12. PointCloud Saliency Maps Tianhang Zheng, Changyou Chen, Junsong Yuan, Bo Li, Kui Ren https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=117 13. ShellNet: Efficient Point Cloud Convolutional Neural Networks Using Concentric Shells Statistics Zhiyuan Zhang, Binh-Son Hua, Sai-Kit Yeung https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=126 14. Unsupervised Deep Learning for Structured Shape Matching Jean-Michel Roufosse, Abhishek Sharma, Maks Ovsjanikov https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=133 15. Linearly Converging Quasi Branch and Bound Algorithms for Global Rigid Registration Nadav Dym, Shahar Ziv Kovalsky https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=148 16. Consensus Maximization Tree Search Revisited Zhipeng Cai, Tat-Jun Chin, Vladlen Koltun https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=157 17. Quasi-Globally Optimal and Efficient Vanishing Point Estimation in Manhattan World Haoang Li, Ji Zhao, Jean-Charles Bazin, Wen Chen, Zhe Liu, Yun-Hui Liu https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=164 18. An Efficient Solution to the Homography-Based Relative Pose Problem With a Common Reference Direction Yaqing Ding, Jian Yang, Jean Ponce, Hui Kong https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=169 19. A Quaternion-Based Certifiably Optimal Solution to the Wahba Problem With Outliers Heng Yang, Luca Carlone https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=178 20. PLMP - Point-Line Minimal Problems in Complete Multi-View Visibility Timothy Duff, Kathlén Kohn, Anton Leykin, Tomas Pajdla https://conftube.com/video/my3jocjpD0U?tocitem=187