ICCV19: Oral Session 4.1B - Computational Photography

ICCV 2019

Link to indexed video: https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc 1. Extreme View Synthesis Inchang Choi, Orazio Gallo, Alejandro Troccoli, Min H. Kim, Jan Kautz https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=2 2. View Independent Generative Adversarial Network for Novel View Synthesis Xiaogang Xu, Ying-Cong Chen, Jiaya Jia https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=16 3. Cascaded Context Pyramid for Full-Resolution 3D Semantic Scene Completion Pingping Zhang, Wei Liu, Yinjie Lei, Huchuan Lu, Xiaoyun Yang https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=29 4. View-Consistent 4D Light Field Superpixel Segmentation Numair Khan, Qian Zhang, Lucas Kasser, Henry Stone, Min H. Kim, James Tompkin https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=36 5. GLoSH: Global-Local Spherical Harmonics for Intrinsic Image Decomposition Hao Zhou, Xiang Yu, David W. Jacobs https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=44 6. Surface Normals and Shape From Water Satoshi Murai, Meng-Yu Jennifer Kuo, Ryo Kawahara, Shohei Nobuhara, Ko Nishino https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=53 7. Restoration of Non-Rigidly Distorted Underwater Images Using a Combination of Compressive Sensing and Local Polynomial Image Representations Jerin Geo James, Pranay Agrawal, Ajit Rajwade https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=60 8. Learning Perspective Undistortion of Portraits Yajie Zhao, Zeng Huang, Tianye Li, Weikai Chen, Chloe LeGendre, Xinglei Ren, Ari Shapiro, Hao Li https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=70 9. Towards Photorealistic Reconstruction of Highly Multiplexed Lensless Images Salman S. Khan, Adarsh V. R., Vivek Boominathan, Jasper Tan, Ashok Veeraraghavan, Kaushik Mitra https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=83 10. Unconstrained Motion Deblurring for Dual-Lens Cameras M. R. Mahesh Mohan, Sharath Girish, A. N. Rajagopalan https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=96 11. Stochastic Exposure Coding for Handling Multi-ToF-Camera Interference Jongho Lee, Mohit Gupta https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=107 12. Convolutional Approximations to the General Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging Operator Byeongjoo Ahn, Akshat Dave, Ashok Veeraraghavan, Ioannis Gkioulekas, Aswin C. Sankaranarayanan https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=120 13. Agile Depth Sensing Using Triangulation Light Curtains Joseph R. Bartels, Jian Wang, William "Red" Whittaker, Srinivasa G. Narasimhan https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=127 14. Asynchronous Single-Photon 3D Imaging Anant Gupta, Atul Ingle, Mohit Gupta https://conftube.com/video/IWkSJQ6xxdc?tocitem=140