[KDD 2020] TAdaNet: Task-Adaptive Network for Graph-Enriched Meta-Learning
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[KDD 2020] TAdaNet: Task-Adaptive Network for Graph-Enriched Meta-Learning

Dec 16, 2020
Annotated data samples in real-world applications are often limited. Meta-learning, which utilizes prior knowledge learned from,related tasks and generalizes to new tasks of limited supervised experience, is an effective approach for few-shot learning. However,,standard meta-learning with globally shared knowledge cannot,handle the task heterogeneity problem well, i.e., tasks lie in different distributions. Recent advances have explored several ways,to trigger task-dependent initial parameters or metrics, in order,to customize task-specific information. These approaches learn,task contextual information from data, but ignore external domain,knowledge that can help in the learning process. In this paper,,we propose a task-adaptive network (TAdaNet) that makes use,of a domain-knowledge graph to enrich data representations and,provide task-specific customization. Specifically, we learn a task,embedding that characterizes task relationships and tailors taskspecific parameters, resulting in a task-adaptive metric space for,classification. Experimental results on a few-shot image classification problem show the effectiveness of the proposed method. We,also apply it on a real-world disease classification problem, and,show promising results for clinical decision support.