MonoRec: Semi-Supervised Dense Reconstruction in Dynamic Environments from a Single Moving Camera
Abstract: In this paper, we propose MonoRec, a semi-supervised monocular dense reconstruction architecture that predicts depth maps from a single moving camera in dynamic environments. MonoRec is based on a MVS setting which encodes the information of multiple consecutive images in a cost volume. To deal with dynamic objects in the scene, we introduce a MaskModule that predicts moving object masks by leveraging the photometric inconsistencies encoded in the cost volumes. Unlike other MVS methods, MonoRec is able to predict accurate depths for both static and moving objects by leveraging the predicted masks. Furthermore, we present a novel multi-stage training scheme with a semi-supervised loss formulation that does not require LiDAR depth values. We carefully evaluate MonoRec on the KITTI dataset and show that it achieves state-of-the-art performance compared to both multi-view and single-view methods. With the model trained on KITTI, we further demonstrate that MonoRec is able to generalize well to both the Oxford RobotCar dataset and the more challenging TUM-Mono dataset recorded by a handheld camera. Training code and pre-trained model will be published soon. Authors: Felix Wimbauer, Nan Yang, Lukas von Stumberg, Niclas Zeller, Daniel Cremers (Technical University of Munich)