My MICCAI 2020 Highlights - Tuesday, Oct 6th


Since you liked yesterday's MICCAI Highlights, I decided to make a new video today. Again, there is considerable bias in the selection. Sorry, about that. :) Thanks to all the authors to agreeing to have their work presented by me! For a reminder for tomorrow's video, please follow on Twitter or LinkedIn Here is the list of papers (plus links to the MICCAI conference system): Have you forgotten? A method to assess ifmachine learning models have forgotten data Miss the point: Targeted adversarial attack on multiple landmark detection Robust Multi-modal 3D Patient Body Modeling Self-supervision on Unlabelled OR Data for Multi-person 2D/3D Human Pose Estimation TopNet: Topology Preserving Metric Learning for Vessel Tree Reconstruction and Labelling XCAT-GAN for Synthesizing 3D Consistent Labeled Cardiac MR Images on Anatomically Variable XCAT Phantoms Ultra2Speech - A Deep Learning Framework for Formant Frequency Estimation and Tracking from Ultrasound Tongue Images Music References: Damiano Baldoni - Thinking of you Psalters - We are all lepers here