My MICCAI 2020 Highlights - Wednesday, Oct 7th


The final MICCAI 2020 Summary Video with my favorite presentations of Wednesday, Oct 7th 2020! Monday Video Tuesday Video Thanks to all the authors to agreeing to have their work presented by me! For a reminder for tomorrow's video, please follow on Twitter or LinkedIn Here is the list of papers (plus links to the MICCAI conference system): Can a hand-held navigation device reduce cognitive load? A user-centered approach evaluated by 18 surgeons. Combining Fundus Images and Fluorescein Angiography for Artery/Vein Classification Using the Hierarchical Vessel Graph Network Interacting with Medical Volume Data in Projective Augmented Reality Self-supervised Contrastive Video-Speech Representation Learning for Ultrasound X2Teeth: 3D Teeth Reconstruction from a Single Panoramic Radiograph And Congratulations to Katharina Breininger! Music References: Damiano Baldoni - Thinking of you Psalters - We are all lepers here