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NextMind Dev Kit: World’s First Real-time Brain-sensing Wearable

Dec 08, 2020
NextMind is a Paris-based neurotechnology startup that develops neural interfaces using machine learning algorithms. Today, It has started shipping its world’s first real-time brain-sensing wearable kit, which allows users to take control of their digital world just by using their thoughts. This groundbreaking technology opens new possibilities for gaming and human-computer interaction by instantly translating brain signals from the user’s views into digital commands for any device. NextMind’s device is a small, lightweight wearable that captures electrical brain signals from the user’s visual cortex as it sits inside a cap or on a band on the back of the user’s head. It creates a deeper, more immersive experience between human and computer. By using machine-learning algorithms, NextMind translates that output into direct digital commands for devices in real time, all while being hands free. The opportunity for developers to create amazing human-computer interactions using NextMind is only limited by their imagination. The unique brain-computer interface has the power to give users control over their computers and any device in the internet of things, such as lights, TVs, music, games and more. NextMind can be used alone, with an augmented- or virtual-reality headset, or in combination with other controllers such as a gamepad.