Robust Homography Estimation via Dual Principal Component Pursuit

CVPR 2020

Authors: Tianjiao Ding, Yunchen Yang, Zhihui Zhu, Daniel P. Robinson, René Vidal, Laurent Kneip, Manolis C. Tsakiris Description: We revisit robust estimation of homographies over point correspondences between two or three views, a fundamental problem in geometric vision. The analysis serves as a platform to support a rigorous investigation of Dual Principal Component Pursuit (DPCP) as a valid and powerful alternative to RANSAC for robust model fitting in multiple-view geometry. Homography fitting is cast as a robust nullspace estimation problem over either homographic or epipolar/trifocal embeddings. We prove that the nullspace of epipolar or trifocal embeddings in the homographic scenario, of dimension 3 and 6 for two and three views respectively, is defined by unique, computable homographies. Experiments show that DPCP performs on par with USAC with local optimization, while requiring an order of magnitude less computing time, and it also outperforms a recent deep learning implementation for homography estimation.