SCATTER: Selective Context Attentional Scene Text Recognizer

CVPR 2020

Authors: Ron Litman, Oron Anschel, Shahar Tsiper, Roee Litman, Shai Mazor, R. Manmatha Description: Scene Text Recognition (STR), the task of recognizing text against complex image backgrounds, is an active area of research. Current state-of-the-art (SOTA) methods still struggle to recognize text written in arbitrary shapes. In this paper, we introduce a novel architecture for STR, named Selective Context ATtentional Text Recognizer (SCATTER). SCATTER utilizes a stacked block architecture with intermediate supervision during training, that paves the way to successfully train a deep BiLSTM encoder, thus improving the encoding of contextual dependencies. Decoding is done using a two-step 1D attention mechanism. The first attention step re-weights visual features from a CNN backbone together with contextual features computed by a BiLSTM layer. The second attention step, similar to previous papers, treats the features as a sequence and attends to the intra-sequence relationships. Experiments show that the proposed approach surpasses SOTA performance on irregular text recognition benchmarks by 3.7% on average.