Self2Self With Dropout: Learning Self-Supervised Denoising From Single Image

CVPR 2020

Authors: Yuhui Quan, Mingqin Chen, Tongyao Pang, Hui Ji Description: In last few years, supervised deep learning has emerged as one powerful tool for image denoising, which trains a denoising network over an external dataset of noisy/clean image pairs. However, the requirement on a high-quality training dataset limits the broad applicability of the denoising networks. Recently, there have been a few works that allow training a denoising network on the set of external noisy images only. Taking one step further, this paper proposes a self-supervised learning method which only uses the input noisy image itself for training. In the proposed method, the network is trained with dropout on the pairs of Bernoulli-sampled instances of the input image, and the result is estimated by averaging the predictions generated from multiple instances of the trained model with dropout. The experiments show that the proposed method not only significantly outperforms existing single-image learning or non-learning methods, but also is competitive to the denoising networks trained on external datasets.